Hello there, we are Six City Photography, amazing and creative photographers in Toronto. And, we love to help people capture life's beautiful moments.

Although we specialize in wedding photography in Toronto, the GTA, and some special locations, we love to document all types of beautiful moments. We believe that life is full of wonderful moments that need to be captured in their purest form. Everything from baby and family photography to the documentation of your biggest day (your wedding day), we can help you eternalize, to keep and to cherish forever.

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Elementally, we are photographers in Toronto (and surrounding areas), so we do photography. Our expertise stretches across many facets, forms and styles. Our capabilities are also plentiful, and the depth of our skills are great. But to simplify things, we do wedding photography + videography and cinematography, family photography, portrait and professional photography, and we serve many locations around Toronto (and some special locations in Canada). 

Now that we have the boring technicalities out of the way, here is what we honestly believe we do. We believe that we are artists. So, we create art. We do this by capturing and editing powerful images with natural meaning and emotions behind them. Making them pure and beautiful. We treat every type of work, client and photography with the respect they deserve and create magic.

Whilst some would say we are just “Toronto wedding photographers” and distill what we do to just “taking pictures” and doing “wedding photography in Toronto”, we believe and know we do more than that – and are more than that. While there is an element of truth to those assumptions and statements in the fact that we take pictures and are formally known as wedding photographers, we strive for more than that with our style of wedding photography in Toronto. Our self-motivated Toronto wedding photographers also strive for more with the art and work that they capture, nurture, and create.

As a company, collective of wedding and other types of photographers (and creatives) in Toronto, and idea, Six City Photography likes to capture and edit memories that transcend time and are eternal, making them invaluable. We distill special moments to their simplest, purest and most emotionally impactful form so you can enjoy them for what they are. Forever.

Because of our special love for what we do, we have invested a great deal of time and money to get very good at wedding photography and to develop elite skills as wedding photographers. Our goal is to provide one of the best wedding photography (and overall professional photography) service in Toronto – and eventually the world. We have big goals and dreams, we know. However, these goals fuel us to keep on getting better and improving our skills and expertise. And, this all shows cumulatively in our work and overall efforts to deliver world-class photography in Toronto. We do amazing wedding photography in Toronto and we are amazing wedding photographers in Toronto.

We love what we do very much. Everyone says this and it is quite a cliche, but, for us it is one of the things that we believe helps us do our work at a high level. We love the business side of helping in bringing fairy tale and magical weddings to life as much as we love creatively capturing amazing photos and videos of these awesome weddings. We want to help out our clients as much as possible. We also love capturing images of families, professionals, and more. At the end of the day, we simply love giving people images that they will cherish for the rest of their life. Be it of their wedding, themselves, their coworkers, or family. We love gifting people eternal happiness. 

The process is quite simple and is as follows:

  1. Get in touch with us by contacting us via any of the available ways on our contact page.
  2. We will schedule a consultation and meeting with you to get to know you a bit more and to finalize your goals and vision with your project.
  3. We go and create some pictorial and photography magic together.

We have all experienced moments in our life that were so special, we wished (and still wish) that we could hold on to them forever. Perhaps it was a graduation, the birth of a child, or the moment you finally said, “I do”, to your soul mate. Photography is a priceless art form that provides us with the ability to look back on these cherished moments time and time again, and share them with our loved ones.

When photography was first developed in the 1800’s, it was only accessible to the most elite members of society. Over time, however, it has become common practice. Today, with the widespread use of social media, photos serve as a way to look into the everyday lives of our friends, and even provide us with the incredibly unique ability to see life through the eyes of a stranger.

Although we live in a world that is rapidly changing all around us, photographs freeze time and allow us to look back on a specific moment – no matter how monumental or mundane. Viewing our lives through photography, we are able to see how far we’ve come and can fully recognize all of the positive changes that we have made over time. We can watch our relationships evolve, our children grow, and see ourselves reaching important milestones in life, through the lens of the photographer, Whether it has been a few decades, years, or even just a few short months since a photo was taken, it gives us a new perspective on our past, as well as a deeper appreciation for the present.

By reminding us that there are special moments each and every day, photography helps us to slow down and enjoy what we have while reminiscing over the past experiences that have shaped our present. Photos remind us of the small details we have forgotten, stories that haven’t been told in ages, and ancestors that have long passed. They are our connection to history; whether our own history, that of our family, or of everyday people who inhabited the earth long before us. And after we are gone, the photos we took will remain behind to remind the generations to come that we were here.

For the most special occasions in life, you shouldn’t have to be concerned about capturing them yourself – you should be able to simply relax and live them to the fullest. The professional Toronto photographers here at Six City Photography can immortalize your wedding, engagement, anniversary or other special event to your exact specifications, ensuring you will be able to relive your most cherished moments again and again for a lifetime.

Toronto Wedding Photography or Photography in general are essential to preserving your history.

There are many occasions in life that call for the services of a professional Toronto photographer. Whether you are celebrating a major milestone in your life, an advancement in your career, or are wanting to capture wonderful photos of a special event, professional photography in Toronto will give you the peace of mind in knowing that no important moment will ever be missed. At Six City Photography, our highly skilled Toronto photographers are dedicated to helping you preserve your most precious memories. 

A few of the occasions that benefit greatly from the services of a professional Toronto photographer include:

  • Weddings
  • Engagements
  • Anniversaries
  • Birth of a Child
  • Senior Photos
  • Graduations
  • Sweet Sixteens
  • Baptisms
  • Family Photos
  • Fundraisers
  • Galas
  • Concerts
  • And more…

Finding the perfect Toronto photographer for you can seem like an incredibly daunting task, however, the process can be quite simple and straightforward when you know what to look for, and what questions to ask. With Six City Photography’s team of top-notch professional Toronto photographers, you are sure to find an individual whose style reflects your unique vision for your special day. We believe that photography (in Toronto) is a visual and artistic form of storytelling, and everyone has their own story to tell.

When beginning your search for the perfect photographer (in Toronto), one of the best resources at your disposal is close friends and family members; Chances are, many of the people in your life who you know and trust have hired a professional photographer for their own event or personal milestone. Ask around for recommendations for professional photographers in or around Toronto, or alternatively, advice on which photographers to stay away from. Excellent photographers will have equally wonderful reputations in the community.

After you’ve gotten some tips on the best professional photographers in your area (of Toronto), you’re ready to begin doing some independent research. Most top Toronto photographers will have online reviews that you can read, and any reputable professional in the field will have a portfolio available for viewing. Because photography (in Toronto) is a visual art form, you will easily be able to judge their work with your own eyes and decide for yourself whether their work reflects your personal tastes.

When considering potential Toronto photographers for your special event, make sure to take into consideration their artistic style, the specific angles they choose, and the variety of shots they are able to provide. If their body of work appeals to you, you can set up a consultation appointment to meet with the photographer and discuss your specific needs. This is the time to ask more about their experience, unique vision as a photographer, and their prices. It is a good idea to make a list of all of the questions you have, as well as your personal expectations beforehand so you can make sure to cover all of your bases which each prospective Toronto photographer during your initial consultations.

Some key questions to ask potential photographers during the initial consultation include:

  • What do you enjoy most about your profession?
  • What is your specific photography niche (weddings, concerts, portraits, etc.)?
  • How would you describe your personal style of photography?
  • Do you prefer to use natural light or studio lighting?
  • Could I see a full album from one of your previous jobs?
  • Have you ever worked in the specific venue where the event is to be held?
  • Do you offer any packages? If so, what do they include?
  • What would happen if an emergency were to arise and you were unable to be present?
  • How many events do you photograph in a year?
  • Do you shoot on film, digital, or both?
  • When and how will I have access to the images?
  • How can I, or others in attendance, order prints?
  • Could I see one of your standard contracts?

Once you have chosen the Toronto photographer that you feel is the most capable of perfectly capturing your special event, make sure to get all of the details you’ve agreed upon written into the contract, including the costs for all services provided.

The cost of hiring a professional photographer in Toronto varies greatly based on several factors including what type of event will be photographed, the length of said event, difficulty of the job, experience level of the photographer, and the add-on options that you select. For a general photography session or event, you can expect to pay between $200 and $500. 

For a larger photography job such as a wedding, which typically lasts between 8-10 hours, professional photography services range between $3,000 to $8,000, however, costs can sometimes even exceed $10,000. While hiring a professional photographer in Toronto may seem a bit pricey, keep in mind that their job will continue for several days after the event ends. 

Photographers (in Toronto) must spend ample time sorting through photos to find the perfect shots, before editing, retouching, and compiling them into digital and/or physical photo albums for the client. When capturing the most precious moments of your life on film, it is wise to maximize your budget and choose a quality photographer that suits your needs and reflects your vision, even if you end up having to pay a bit more than you’d originally planned. 

Photography is a discipline that requires years of studying and hard work to master; Not only does it require a vast knowledge of angles, timing, and lighting techniques, but it also requires high-tech equipment and editing software which can cost professional Toronto photographers a pretty penny- typically, around $15,000. When you are paying for a photographer, not only are you paying for their time, artistic talent, years of training, and skills in editing, but you are also paying for the use of their state-of-the-art photography equipment and professional editing software. 

Most professional photographers in Toronto offer packages which can be quite economical; Within a standard photography package you will receive a number of hours, editing services, prints, and more for a flat rate. While the cost and what is offered within the package vary from photographer to photographer, they are sure to have an option that will suit your specific needs. 

Experienced Toronto photographers are able to make helpful suggestions of how you can save money when using their services and are often willing to work with clients on prices. Remember all of the hard work that goes into their profession and don’t be stingy with pricing! However, if you are working on a tight budget, that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy the services of a professional photographer in Toronto! 

Wedding photography in Toronto should perfectly capture who you are as a couple and immortalize the first day of the rest of your lives together. Your wedding photos will proudly hang on the walls of your home, in the homes of your closest family members, and will be passed on to your children and grandchildren. These photos will be gazed back on fondly on anniversaries, the births of your children, and other special milestones in your relationship. 

There is a lot of pressure to ensure that every important moment from the big day is caught on camera. Many couples find it incredibly overwhelming to come up with a full shot list of every look they want their photographer to capture on their wedding day. Unfortunately, many couples end up regretting years later that they did not get a photo with a specific guest, a certain grouping of people, or specific aspect of their celebration. 

Hiring an experienced Toronto wedding photographer will make your to-do list in preparation for the wedding much shorter. While it may be you and your beloved’s first time having to rack your brain to think of every shot you want to get on your wedding day, an experienced wedding photographer in Toronto who has captured countless ceremonies will be able to assist couples in forming a comprehensive shot list.

Here are a few suggestions to get you started off: 

Who You Should Make Sure To Get A Photo With On Your Big Day:

  • The mother of the bride with the bride-to-be
  • The father of the bride with the bride-to-be
  • The bride with her parents
  • A solo portrait of the mother of the bride
  • A solo portrait of the father of the bride
  • The groom with his parents
  • The bride and groom with each set of parents
  • The bride and groom with both sets of parents 
  • The bride and groom with siblings 
  • The bride and groom with close family members (grandparents, aunts/uncles, etc.)
  • Various family photographs 
  • Photos of the bride and groom with their closest friends
  • Different groups of friends (for example the bride with sorority friends, the groom with members of his sports teams)
  • The bride and groom with the entire wedding party including the ring bearer, flower girls, and officiate
  • The bride with her bridesmaids 
  • The bride with her maid of honor
  • The bride with her matron of honor (if applicable)
  • A portrait of the bridesmaids together
  • The bride, bridesmaids, and flower girl(s)
  • The groom with his groomsmen
  • The groomsmen together
  • The groom with his best man
  • The groom with his groomsmen and the ring bearer
  • The ring bearer and flower girl(s)
  • The ring bearer holding the ring
  • Guests waiting both inside and outside of the church
  • The ushers as they greet guests to the ceremony 
  • Readers, the officiant, etc. at the ceremony
  • The musicians, singers, dancers, and other performers participating in the ceremony or reception
  • A shot of the newlyweds immediately following the ceremony  

What To Immortalize Through Wedding Photography:

  • The wedding rings
  • The wedding invitation
  • The bride’s bouquet
  • The floral arrangements
  • The brides dress, shoes, veil, and jewelry, hanging in the bridal suite
  • A close-up shot of the details on the bride’s dress
  • A close-up photo of the bride holding her bouquet
  • The wedding car, carriage, or other vehicle
  • Detailed photos of decor, favors, etc at the venue
  • The wedding cake 

 Which Locations To Ensure You Get The Perfect Shot Of:

  • The venue where the ceremony will take place before guests arrive
  • The alter before guests arrive
  • The entrance, exit, interior, exterior, and decor of the ceremony location
  • The reception venue after it is set up but before guests arrive 

The Magical Moments You Have To Capture On Your Wedding Day:

  • The bride and bridesmaids getting their hair and make-up done in preparation for the ceremony
  • The bride putting on her dress and veil, with assistance from her mother or the bridesmaids, if desired
  • The bride putting on her shoes, jewelry, and other accessories
  • Candid photographs of the bridal party before the ceremony
  • Candid shots of bride alone before the ceremony 
  • The bridal party leaving for the location of the ceremony
  • The bride and her father in the car and/or walking towards the location of the ceremony
  • Candid shots of the groom and his groomsmen preparing for the ceremony
  • Candid shots of the groom alone before the ceremony
  • The couple seeing each other in their wedding attire for the first time
  • The groom and groomsmen waiting for the bride to enter
  • The bride arriving to the location of the ceremony
  • The bride stepping out of the car
  • The bride waiting at the back of the venue with her bridesmaids
  • The bridal party’s entrance
  • The bride walking down the aisle 
  • The groom’s reaction to the bride’s entrance
  • The father and mother of the bride giving her away
  • The couple exchanging their vows
  • The lighting of the unity candle 
  • The exchanging of the rings 
  • Their first kiss as a married couple and the moment immediately after
  • The couple exiting the venue of the ceremony
  • Guests throwing rice or confetti
  • The newlyweds greeting guests outside of the venue
  • The couple seated in the back seat of the wedding car
  • Guests entering the reception venue
  • The couple arriving at and entering the reception venue
  • The guests eating, drinking and laughing at the reception
  • The cutting of the wedding cake
  • The couple’s first dance
  • The bride dancing with her father
  • The groom dancing with his mother
  • Various toasts and speeches throughout the evening
  • Guests dancing at the reception
  • The couple mingling with guests during the reception


Your wedding day is certain to be a day that you and your sweetheart will want to look back on for many years to come, therefore you want to ensure that every moment is captured perfectly. If you have children and grandchildren, they will be curious to see photographs of your big day and will perhaps even begin to dream of what their own wedding will be like! When you and your soulmate reach your Golden Years, you can sit back and relax on the porch while looking through your wedding album, remembering how magical that day was. You will remember how it felt to be young and in love, surrounded by friends and family. It will give you a true perspective on your relationship and make you realize just how much your love has grown throughout the years. 

Engagement photos are equally important; These posed shots, often called “love shots” capture the love you share with your fiancé. They will be used to announce and commemorate your wedding; The invitations, any engagement announcements published in the newspaper, and your wedding website will all call for lovely engagement photos of the happy couple! You can even have the chosen (or favorite) love image placed on souvenirs for wedding guests to take home and remember your special day forever. 

Additionally, engagement photos offer a great opportunity to establish a good rapport with your wedding photographer and allows your photographer to get to know you each as individuals and better understand your unique dynamic as a couple. If you choose to use hair and make-up services (which are highly recommended), engagement photos also give you an opportunity to try out the make-up artist and hair stylist, and see how their work looks on you!

In order to find a great Toronto wedding photographer to capture every detail of your big day, it is important that you know what your expectations are, and that you work to find a photographer who is able to execute your vision. Great Toronto wedding photographers will tell your unique love story through photographs. As everyone knows, a picture is worth a thousand words – a beautiful set of wedding photos perfectly encapsulating your relationship is priceless. While finding a great professional photographer for your wedding is similar to finding a photographer for any event, there is a bit more that goes into it with such a large-scale, once-in-a-lifetime affair. 

Great Toronto wedding photographers book up their schedules far in advance, and you want to ensure that you are able to get the exact photographer you want for the wedding date you have set. Most couples begin their search for a photographer right away and for good reason; The most in-demand photographers in Toronto generally need one to two years notice to ensure they are available on the day of your wedding. You should make sure to settle on a professional wedding photographer and make your deposit for their services at least eleven months in advance of the big day.

The first thing you need to take into consideration when envisioning what you want your wedding photography to look like is choosing a style that speaks to you; while there are many fantastic professional photographers in Toronto, each one has a specific style as an artist that they lean towards. Just because a photographer’s work is incredible doesn’t mean they have the ideal style to capture your big day, and that’s okay! With a little looking and understanding of what you want, you are sure to find a great wedding photographer (in Toronto) with a style that is the right fit for you. 

Some of the styles of photography to choose from for your wedding include:

  • Traditional Photography: Traditional photography is classic, formal, and focuses on posed shots. If you have ever looked through your parents or grandparent’s photo album, chances are their photographer went for a traditional look! While traditional photography is a wonderful option, it’s not for those who are looking for something more unique and modern. 
  • Photojournalism: The photojournalism style of photography is perhaps one of the most modern and highly desired forms of photography for weddings today. This style heavily stray from traditional posed photography, and instead reveals the narrative of the day through candid, emotional photographs of the bride, groom, and their guests.
  • Vintage Style Photography: Vintage style photography is incredibly popular among young couples today. As the name suggests, this style captures the “look” of vintage photographs from the 1960’s and 1970’s through the use of filters and various lighting techniques. If you are wanting a nostalgic look to your photos without getting too traditional, vintage photography is a wonderful option.
  • Fashion Photography: This style of wedding photography focuses on creative backgrounds and interesting poses to create stunning shots that look like they came out of the latest edition of ‘Vogue’. 
  • Fine Art Photography: If you are looking for wedding photography that is uniquely artistic and focuses primarily on stylized images, fine art photography may be the perfect style to immortalize your big day. You are certain to end up with photos worthy of an art gallery with this style. 

The final look of your wedding photography goes far beyond they photographer’s style, however. One factor that will greatly affect the overall look of your shots is your photographers post-processing (editing) technique. Most photographers today use digital photography due to the ease of storage, editing, and sharing in a digital format. However, there are still some old-fashioned photographers who prefer to use actual film and develop it themselves in a dark room. When choosing a photographer for your wedding, it is important to find out whether they use digital or old-fashioned film. 

Additionally, most choose to make only minor adjustments to the photos such as re-touching to even skin tone, fixing red eyes, and adjusting the lighting for a better-quality photo. However, professional photography editing software can also be used to create an entirely different look from the original image. 

Some photographic lighting and color styles include: 

  • Clean: A clean look is minimally altered in order to give the most natural appearance. 
  • Matte: This look is similar to vintage, providing more muted and low-contrast color tones than in the original photograph. 
  • High Contrast: This style makes colors pop dramatically, giving a rich and vibrant look to photos. 

There is no right or wrong style when it comes to your wedding photography; After all, it is your wedding! As long as the photographs make you and your partner happy, that is all that matters. It is important that you feel comfortable with the photographer you ultimately choose and allow them to get to know you so that they can get a deeper understanding of exactly how you want your special day to be commemorated. 

Your wedding photographs will last forever and be passed down throughout the many generations of your family, so make sure you are willing to maximize your budget in order to ensure you get the best photographer for your special day; You don’t want to end up regretting cutting corners on your wedding photography due to unnecessary frugality. Your wedding photos will ultimately be the most important aspect of your special day, second only to the declaration of your eternal love for one another. 

Wedding photography encompasses the entire dynamic that you and your partner have as a couple while capturing the largest milestone of your relationship. It is the perfect way to immortalize your commitment for one another and show the future generations of your family how very much in love their great-great-great grandparents were on their wedding day. It is a piece of your family’s legacy that will be cherished and passed down for centuries.

Not only does wedding photography depict your ceremony and reception, but all of the small tender moments that lead up to it and follow afterwards. Wedding photography preserves the beauty of your relationship, as well as the beauty of your wedding day forever. It gives you the ability to re-live all of the small, precious moments that occurred on the happiest day of your life, time and time again, and to share that happiness with others. Decades after your wedding day, you will be able to look back on these photos with your soulmate and see the look in their eyes when you walked down the aisle, remember how happy you felt after your first kiss as a married couple, and relive the sheer joy that you both felt on that special day.

Toronto wedding photographers play a huge role in the most important day of any couple’s relationship. While many people majorly underestimate the value of hiring a great wedding photographer, these professionals do a whole lot more than simply snap pictures! One of the largest jobs any wedding photographer has is to get to know and understand the couple; This gives them the uncanny ability to know exactly what they want photographed in-the-moment on the big day. For instance, are you and your sweetie the type of couple who would prefer a traditional portrait of your beloved Aunt Marge on the steps of the church? Or would you rather your photographer snap a candid shot of your tipsy Uncle Fred shoving cocktail shrimp into his pockets? When your photographer understands you both as individuals, and gets a feeling for your dynamic as a couple, they’ll understand exactly which moments you want to capture the most. 

Toronto photographers must concentrate not only on finding great angles, spectacular backgrounds, and creating the perfect lighting, they also have to focus on good placement in group shots, natural poses in portraits, and keep an eye on all of the people who can’t seem to keep their eyes on the camera. Group photography can be particularly challenging, especially in such mixed groups as are in attendance at weddings. There will always be someone who’s eyes were closed in the photo, a shorter person trying to hide in the back, or a child who’s finger is constantly drifting up their nose. A wedding photographer has to be alert and fast to ensure a group shot looks effortless, despite the extreme effort they had to put into managing the crowd. 

Even long after the wedding has wrapped up and the guests have all gone home, the wedding photographer has a surmountable amount of work ahead of them. They will spend days sorting through photos, finding the best shots, and begin editing. Wedding photographers hold the key to making red eyes, flyaway hairs, stains on clothes (or even teeth), and other imperfections disappear so that everyone looks their absolute best in the photographs that you will cherish for a lifetime. Furthermore, a good Toronto wedding photographer will continue to toil away at the selection and editing process until the couple is completely content with the final product. 

Additionally, professional photographers are required to stay up-to-date on the latest editing software and digital photography equipment, fulfill printing orders, compile digital galleries and physical albums, attend countless consultations with potential clients, write up contracts, tend to accounting responsibilities, and so much more. Photographers are incredibly well-rounded professionals with a broad range of skills that many people never even begin to take into account!

Typically, professional wedding photography in Toronto ranges between $3,000 and $8,000, but can even cost upwards of $10,000 depending on many factors. While that is a massive range, there are many different add-on’s and options that can increase the price. For instance, whereas some couples have a short, intimate ceremony and only want photos of the day’s biggest highlights, others choose to capture every single moment from the second the bride and groom wake up on their big day until the last few guests finally stumble out of the reception in the early morning hours. 

Generally, couples will end up spending anywhere between 10% and 15% of their total budget on the wedding photographer, with 12% being the average. This percentage is entirely reasonable considering that long after the flowers have wilted and the cake has been consumed, the photographs will remain for centuries. Wedding photos aren’t taken only for the couple (although the couple will surely cherish them for a lifetime), but for all of the generations to follow; Your wedding album will go on to become a part of your family’s heritage.

Some additional fees will incur, and it is important to be aware of them so that you are not blindsided later on. Some of these include: 

  • Gratuity: While this is not necessary if you hire a photographer who owns their own business, it is a polite gesture for exceptional work. However, be sure to tip the photographer if they are an employee of a larger photography company, a secondary photographer, or photographer’s assistant; They are generally paid an hourly wage for their work. Typically, a $100-$200 dollar tip is appropriate. 
  • Meal Costs: Well-fed photographers are happy photographers! Make sure to speak with your caterer about providing meals for not only your photographer(s), but for the wedding planner, DJ, and any others who you have hired to work your special event. Weddings are generally long affairs, and it is important to ensure that everyone receives a hot meal! 

Factors That Will Affect the Cost of Your Wedding Photography In Toronto

There are many factors that will affect the cost of your wedding photography; Some Toronto photographers set hourly rates, while others offer a variety of package deals for couples to choose from. Other factors to keep in mind include the location of your wedding, whether the photographer is local or coming in from out of town, and whether one or multiple photographers are required for the event. 

Some factors that will affect the final price tag include:


Depending on the photographer you choose, the number of locations visited throughout the day may or may not affect the cost. Often times, wedding photography packages in Toronto cover the full day including all locations visited for a flat fee. Other photographers charge per location, or will add cost past a certain number of locations. For instance, generally the ceremony venue and reception venue will be covered, but you will be charged an additional fee if you want the photographer to come early in order to photograph the bride and groom preparing for the big day at home. Moreover, many couples choose to make stops at special locations on their way to the reception and want the photographer to tag along for a photo op, or perhaps you are an old-fashioned couple who wants a photo of the bride being carried over the threshold of your home in her wedding gown! Make sure to discuss all locations with the photographer ahead of the big day so that all parties can plan ahead, and you can discuss pricing. 

If you are planning a destination wedding and are taking a photographer along with you for the trip, be prepared to pay for their airfare, accommodations, and possibly even their meals while they are away from their home base. Even for short day trips out of town, most photographers will add on a mileage fee for their travel expenses; After all, they have to pay for gas and will need to transport their equipment safely! 


The standard Toronto wedding photography session lasts 8-10 hours and covers the wedding ceremony and highlights of the reception such as the introduction of the new couple, the first dance, and the cutting of the wedding cake. Any photography done before the ceremony (including formal family photos and the bridal party preparing for the ceremony) or afterwards generally requires an additional fee. While the time that your photographer is in attendance will contribute greatly to the cost, the more time that you have with them, the more photos you will end up with. Make sure you don’t end up regretting missing any special moments on the big day!

Level of Experience/Demand:

While hiring a photographer that is well-experienced in their profession and in-demand means you will end up with stunning photos, it also usually means you will end up paying a bit more for their services! However, as previously mentioned, it is always best to maximize your budget when it comes to your wedding photographer.


Most professional photographers offer flat-rate wedding packages to brides and grooms-to-be that are usually more economical in the long run. With a package, you will get an upfront number of hours, a specific number of retouched photos, access to digital proofs, physical proofs, and other general services. These packages range greatly in price, making it easy to find an option that is affordable to you and meets all of your needs. In the future, you can always purchase additional retouching services or prints from your wedding photographer. 

Number of Photographers:

If you are planning a large wedding, it is wise to request an additional photographer for the big day in order to assure you don’t miss capturing any special moments. A longer guest list or larger venue makes it near impossible for one photographer to cover everything, no matter how experienced they may be. An additional photographer is also helpful if you are wanting to get photos of both the bridesmaids and the groomsmen preparing for the ceremony; After all, a photographer can only be in one place at once! With two photographers, you are sure to get a wide array of angles capturing every second of the day you said, “I do”.

Even for more intimate events, a photographer’s assistant will often be recommended by the primary photographer. An assistant is helpful in setting up for aesthetically specific and difficult shots, such as capturing a sunset. The assistant can also help to set up lighting, ensuring that the primary photographer has nothing to worry about but capturing your memories of the big day through their lens. 

Digital Rights: 

Because photography is an art form, photographs are always considered to be property of the photographer. In order to print their images from a print center such as Staples, or Costco, you will need to obtain the digital rights to the photographs. Some photographers include this in their regular pricing, but others (usually photographers who offer their own printing services) will charge a fee. The Digital Rights Fee (if one is required) will provide you with an agreement that states how, and for how long an image may be used.


Some photographers will include a certain number of prints, a USB drive, or even a physical photo album containing hand-selected pictures from your special day in their price. Other photographers consider this to be an optional ad-on and will charge extra for these services. Make sure to ask what types of prints and/or digital media, if any, is included!

Consultation Fees: 

Consultation fees are also charged (or not) on a case-to-case basis. Some photographers will meet with clients several times before the wedding for no additional fee, and others charge couples for each consultation, including the initial appointment. Make sure to ask about consultation fees when you begin to consider professional photographers for the big day! Be respectful of whatever policies they have in this area; Keep in mind, consultations do take up time and there is a lot of preparation that goes into them before there is any guarantee that they will be hired for the event. 

Additional Shoots: 

Additional shoots including engagement photos, bridal portraits, photography of the rehearsal dinner, family breakfast the following morning, and post-ceremony trash-the-dress sessions are not included in the price of your wedding photography. However, some photographers will offer a discount for additional services if you book them for your wedding day!

Make-up, Hair, and a Wardrobe Stylist: 

While many couples feel that a make-up artist, hair stylist, and wardrobe stylist (specifically for the engagement photos) is a place where they can cut down on costs, it doesn’t make much sense to spend thousands of dollars on a professional Toronto wedding photographer and not look your best. Additionally, hiring these professionals in addition to your photographer can often cut down on costs in the long run. 

While a make-up artist and hair stylist can fix up imperfections in the moment, the best a photographer can do to correct a pimple or fly-away hairs is retouch the photograph during the editing process. Photo retouching can cost anywhere from $10-$75 per photo, while make-up and hair professionals cost around $100-$300 per person; If you have a major zit popping up or are experiencing a really bad hair day on the happiest day of your life, it is far more economical to hire a professional who can correct the issue, than have your photographer massively retouch a large portion of your photos. 

For your engagement photos, you’ll want to dress your best. Professional wardrobe stylists have access to a large stock of high-end clothing; It is much less expensive to borrow the clothes from them, than it is to buy the same outfit out-of-pocket. Not to mention, they’ll make sure you are dressed to kill! If you don’t know where to begin to find make-up, hair, and wardrobe professionals, chances are your photographer will know someone who they have worked with before and can recommend. 

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