About Us

Modern Day Storytellers That Take Photos

We like to see ourselves as a team of modern day storytellers. Sure, we do not use our words like orators of past generations, but, we do use modern tools to tell your stories. Whilst we do not use linguistic tools, we use powerful cameras, lighting equipment, beautiful scenes, and more…to tell what we believe are even more powerful and beautiful stories (stories like yours).

We use photography in many forms and styles to tell many different types of stories; for different people, and different audiences. We will dive into your world and get to know you so we can deliver the best wedding photos, wedding videos, family portraits, newborn and baby photos, professional and corporate headshots or portraits, and most importantly, powerful emotions and memories that will last forever. Content that captivates and charms those that are fortunate enough to see it.

Our Mission

Our goal is to deliver you photos that exceed (not match) your expectations and dreams. To do this, we work hard. We work very hard to capture the best photos and moments for you. Then we take the content we grab while shooting and take them to the lab to create amazing photographs and artistic creations. Beautiful photos that you can utilize for whatever purpose - and enjoy for the rest of your life.

Creative & Imaginative Photography

Our photographers and teams like to make the most of the various types of situations they are thrust into by our clients. Our skilled photographers and creatives like to utilize their surroundings to create beautiful photos that will exceed your expectations and dreams. It does not matter where you want to be photographed, our photographers will make magic happen with their extensive skill sets and imaginative attitudes. Downtown Toronto, or a farm, whatever the location, magic will happen there. This goes for any form of photography and for any type of photographic work. We are flexible and creative enough to make things happen under any circumstance. Just reach out and we will start the magical process.

Photographers and Artists

We do photography with an artistic infusion. We believe that it is not enough to just take photos, edit them, and give them to our clients. We believe in making the most of the content we capture when we are out shooting with you. We use our ingenuity and creativity to edit photos that look like pieces of art. Artistic photos that will easily enthrall audiences all over. More importantly, they will melt your heart and make you incredibly happy.