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The biggest day of your life is too important to leave to amateurs

Looking high and low for a top photographer to shoot your upcoming wedding and wedding reception? Maybe you just got engaged and you want one of the best wedding photographers in Burlington to shoot your engagement photos? If yes, the first thing we want to say is congratulations! Marriage is a huge, exciting step, and the start of a new chapter in your life! To start it on the right foot, you should take your time and make sure to pick a photographer that will capture all the beauty, elegance, fun, and family that every wedding brings!

The big question, of course, is how to do that? How do you go about searching, vetting, and choosing a Burlington photographer you can count on to do an amazing job and make you look gorgeous on your biggest of big days? The answer is, read this guide! In it, we’re going to give you tips, advice, and deep insights into who, what, why, when, and how to choose a Burlington photographer that will do your wedding day justice. The truth is, it’s the biggest day of your life and much too important to leave to anyone but the best!

Now, while you might be thinking that this is kind of a silly question, it’s not, we promise. The thing is, most people believe wedding photography is simply holding a camera and taking pictures, but it’s so much more than that! Wedding photography in Burlington and surrounding areas involves several different styles of photography and several different types of lighting too. Most importantly, it’s knowing how to coax the best photos out of you, your soon-to-be spouse, and all your guests, which involves a lot of timing, positions, and patience.

These are the different types of photographic genres a top Burlington wedding photographer will have expertise in, and they all come with years of experience.

1 – Documentary Photography

Your big day goes by fast. From getting ready and putting on your dress to the ceremony itself, the ride to the reception, the party, cake, and the whole shebang! Your photographer needs to document all of that for posterity so you can look back on your big day with pride and joy in the years to come.

2 – Close-Up Photography

Photos of your and your spouse’s hands with your rings on, the bouquet, the table arrangements, and other small details are all captured with close-up photography.

3 – Event Photography

These are photos of the event itself, including the church, the wedding ceremony, and the entire reception venue both inside and out. They give you a sense of the ‘big picture’ and need a special eye (and special lenses) to capture perfectly

4 – Portraiture

These are the close-up photos of your beautiful, joyful, smiling faces. Portraiture is a specialty niche in wedding photography that, when done well, can make you look simply amazing.

5 – Family & Group Photography

You’d think it would be easy to get the whole fam together and just say ‘cheese!’ but it takes much more than that to get perfect pics that everyone will love. Only a top Burlington wedding photographer can get these truly right.

6 – Engagement Photography

Most couples who choose to shoot engagement photos want them to reflect their personalities and be unique, fun, and a bit footloose. The best Burlington wedding photographers will bring out the best in you and your love, for photos you’ll be tickled pink to share with friends and family.

7 – Boudoir Photography

This last genre is something a little special just for you and your spouse, making you look sexy and sensuous in your intimate attire. With the right lighting, a top photographer can make you look like you just stepped off the page of a ‘Victoria’s Secret’ catalog and create something that you and your love will treasure.

These are the 7 most important genres of photography that a top wedding photographer in Burlington will have (or at least should have) mastered. To get them all right means having years of experience, a wide variety of cameras and lenses, the right lighting, and more than a little creative flair. It’s much more than simply pointing a camera in the right direction and clicking the shutter button, no doubt.

More than that, a top Burlington wedding photographer needs to know the intricacies of all of these genres, like how to get great lighting on your rings, for example, or how to make the ceremony look intimate even when there are 150+ people present. Timing, patience, and coordination are all a must to get the best results, as well as quite a bit of artistic ability and vision.

The answer to this question is; more than you can imagine! Not only does a top Burlington wedding photographer have to be an expert in all of the 7 genres above, but they also have to know how to set up shots, know about scenic locations around town that make good backdrops, and how to coordinate everyone and everything so that nothing is missed or left out.

Depending on the size of your wedding, where your reception is being held, and how many people are invited, your photographer is likely going to be running around like a chicken without its head! They have to be with you at your home in the morning, at the church during your wedding vows and then at the reception venue, shooting photos of practically everything along the way.

The truth is, the best Burlington wedding photographers are more like a sophisticated travel guide, showing you everything on a guided tour of your wedding day and making sure to get your best side at every stop!

“To your left, you’ll see the bride putting on her makeup with help from her mom and bridesmaids!” “To your right, the church is coming in to view!” “If you look to the front, the happy couple has just exchanged vows!” “Over here you’ll see the groomsmen having a laugh and smoking a stogie!” “Ooh look, the cake’s being cut!”

See what we mean? A top Burlington photographer documents, drives, coordinates, instructs, and organizes, sometimes all at the same time! If it was as simplistic in nature as pointing a camera and clicking a button, practically anyone could do it.

In short, a top photographer not only takes exceptional pictures but can make your big day more memorable through the experience and expertise they’ve gleaned from all the happy couples that came before you! Here’s a list of some of the tasks your photographer will have while you’re busy enjoying your wedding day:

  • Photographing you, your mom and your bridesmaids while you get ready in the morning
  • Getting intimate boudoir photos if you’ve chosen to do that
  • Taking some great photos of your spouse-to-be and their best buds while they get ready.
  • Taking shots of you and your spouse arriving at the church
  • Photographing the flower girl and ring boy
  • Capturing you and the family member who gives you away on film
  • Catching your first kiss as a married couple on camera
  • Taking pics as you leave the church, the rice, the doves, the limo and any other special activities
  • Photographing you as you arrive at your wedding reception
  • Getting photographs of the entire family outside, inside or in any special locations that you’ve chosen
  • Making sure to capture all of the special happenings at your reception like throwing the bouquet, removing the garter and cutting the cake
  • Taking photographs of friends and family at their tables, dancing, laughing and enjoying themselves
  • Taking ” B-Roll” shots of the reception venue, church and, if possible, the weather and sunset

That’s a relatively decent list of all the things your photographer will need to do on your wedding day (and it doesn’t even include your engagement photos!). Also, don’t forget that, after the party is over and you’re off on your honeymoon, your photographer will be hard at work editing, cropping, and adjusting your photos, as well as adding special effects. It’s more work than most imagine and takes another level of expertise and artistry that only the best wedding photographers in Burlington possess.

So, as you can see, your wedding photographer is tasked with doing an awful lot for you on your big day so that, when it’s all over, you have the wonderful photographic memories to take with you throughout your married life!

This is another question that might seem like it doesn’t need to be asked but indeed it does. Why? Because in the middle of all the planning and calling and scheduling and searching, many folks forget that their wedding day, when it finally arrives, will fly by faster than a busy bee in springtime!

After the vows have been exchanged, the cake’s been served and the band plays their final song, your photographs will be the only thing you have to look back on and reminisce, so they better be as breathtakingly beautiful, fun and full of life as possible.

Also, remember that you’re probably going to want to share a lot of your wedding photos with friends and family, especially your Mom and Dad, your Grandparents and all of your other favorite friends and family. The last thing you want is to be too embarrassed to do that because your wedding photos look like they were taken by a monkey with astigmatism!

Then there’s this; with a top Burlington wedding photographer, you’ll be able to give them your vision for what you want your wedding and engagement photos to look like. The best will take that vision, take your direction, and run with it. If you say you want them to be sexy and sensuous, they deliver. Silly and fun with a side of absurd? The best Burlington engagement photographers can do that too, and practically anything else your heart desires.

Another reason finding and hiring a top Burlington wedding photographer is vitally important is this; as you get older, start a family and go forward with your life, your wedding photos will take on a much deeper, special and sentimental meaning. Many of the people in the photos will pass on and you’ll be glad to have their photo’s to remind you of them. Children who were there will grow up and change, and so will you. Your wedding photographs will be like a time-machine that takes you back to that special day.

Last but not least, your wedding photos will be a reminder in years to come of the deep love you and your better half share, and the big day that you planned, worried, and fussed over to make it practically perfect. An excellent Burlington wedding photographer will ensure that every time you open your wedding album to take a look back, the first reaction you and your loved ones will have is always the same; smiles, laughter, and tears of joy.

OK, here’s the thing; finding a wedding photographer in Burlington isn’t that difficult. Finding a top wedding photographer in Burlington, however, isn’t nearly as easy as it sounds. There are plenty of wedding photographers in Burlington who will gladly sign up to take your engagement and wedding photographs. The trick is to find one that has the experience, expertise, equipment, and skills to do it right. Below are some of the best tips to do just that.

1- Get Started Early

The best photographers in Burlington are always booked solid because you guessed it, they’re the best. If you start looking for them too late, you’ll be forced to take the leftovers that nobody else wanted. Sure, they might do a good job but, without the same experience and creativity, you’ll never know if your wedding photos could’ve been much better.

2- Start Following Photogs on Social Media

All the best Burlington photographers have their own Facebook or Insta pages where they regularly post. Your task is to start following a few of them and checking their pages every day to see what they’re posting, look at their photos and see the feedback that’s being left for them by their (hopefully satisfied) clients.

3- Get All the Social Proof Of Their Talent That You Can

Today there are many review sites online that you can use to check out feedback clients have left for photographers. It would be a shame not to use them to your full advantage, so make sure you check out WeddingWire, The Knot, Google My Business and the aforementioned Facebook + Insta combo to do it. You never know, you might just find a gem of a Burlington wedding photographer that you didn’t know existed. You might also find out that the “top-rated” photographer you’ve heard about has all sorts of negative feedback.

4- Interview Your Favorite Burlington Photographers

As we said, there are a lot of wedding photographers in Burlington. You don’t want to waste your time, or theirs, interviewing dozens of them. You’re better off taking your time, finding a handful that you think you might like and then asking to meet and interview them in person. When you do, make sure you ask all of your most important questions. A great suggestion is to write them down ahead of time so that you don’t forget any.

5- Go To Their Gallery or Ask to See their Portfolio

There’s an old saying that goes like this; the proof is in the pudding. What it means is that the best way to find out if someone knows what they’re doing is to see what they’ve done in the past. When it comes to top Burlington wedding photographers, they will all have either a gallery where they show off their best work or a portfolio with the same. Don’t be shy, ask to see it! They’ll be expecting you to ask anyway and the best won’t have any problem showing you what they’ve done for other couples.

Why It’s a Great Idea to Take Engagement Photographs

A new trend over the last few years is to have a top Burlington wedding photographer also take your engagement photographs. If this isn’t part of your plans, we recommend that you change those plans. Why? Because working with a photographer to take your engagement photos will give you and your love time to get to know them. Experience has shown us that this rapport can make your wedding day much less stressful. Why? Because the trust factor you’ll have will be so much higher! In other words, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy yourself knowing that your photographer has everything under control.

We are Six City Photography and we hope you enjoyed and learned a lot from this guide. As one of the best wedding photography companies in Burlington, we offer to you only the top wedding photographers in the area to make sure that, on your very special day, everything goes off without a hitch. All of our photographers are experienced experts with serious artistic chops. Don’t take our word for it, check out our reviews online and you’ll see that our clients love us!

If your big day is approaching and you have questions that need to be answered, contact us today and we’ll get back to you ASAP with answers, advice and anything else you need to make your choice of photographer. Then, you can concentrate on all of the other important tasks on your (probably full) to-do list.