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Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. You will want to relive and treasure this day for the rest your life, so you cannot afford to take any risks when it comes to the wedding photography. Six City Photography provides the very best wedding photography for Mississauga couples and we are ready to help you capture your special day. We have years of experience in Mississauga wedding photography and can guarantee the best possible coverage of your wedding.

Still not convinced you need the best photographers possible for your wedding? Read on to find out why wedding photography is so important to your special day, and why Six City Photography is the company for you.

What is wedding photography?

Wedding photography can cover many things you might not expect. When you understand how much a good Mississauga wedding photographer can do for your wedding experience, you will know that you need to hire one to make your special day even more special. It is truly amazing the difference a great Mississauga wedding photographer can make to your special day and how you remember it.

A Mississauga wedding photographer will be there primarily to take photos of your wedding, from the very start – to the end of the wedding. If you choose a good one, a wedding photographer will move quickly and quietly behind the scenes. They can be “almost invisible” if you want them to be, or they can be involved and help organize group photographs in a stress-free way. A good photographer will know what scenes you will want to remember and know how to get the best angle whatever the weather or venue. A wedding photographer will also edit the photographs for you and make them available to pick and choose from after the event.

In short, a great Mississauga wedding photographer will document your wedding day the way you will want to remember it and provide you with photos you will treasure forever.

Now that we know what a Mississauga wedding photographer does, why should you hire one? Here are a few ways a great wedding photographer will improve your special day. Here are a few ways our photographers can make your wedding in (or near) Mississauga more memorable.

Less stress

Perhaps the greatest benefit you will get from hiring a top Mississauga wedding photographer is the relief from photography stress. How many times have you been to a special or social event without a dedicated photographer – or an event that had people (planners or hosts) worried about the event being photographed correctly? Or, worse, had a guest at the event ruin their time there and stress everyone out as they try to take photos? And after all that, have fuzzy or poorly lit photographs that ruin your memory of the event? Avoid this and hire a professional wedding photographer! When you hire a pro, all of your photography related stresses will melt away. This is extremely important because it lets you focus on enjoying your special day. You already have so much to worry about on your wedding day – make sure photographs are not one of them! Focus on enjoying your magical day and live in the present – hire a great Mississauga wedding photographer to worry about the rest (the photography that is).

We are sure you know someone who would be happy to take photos of your wedding. However, they will not be as competent or effective as a professional Mississauga wedding photographer. A professional will have the exact equipment that is needed to take the best photos ready at hand and be ready at all times. A guest taking photos will do their best, but they will want to enjoy the wedding and maybe have a few drinks. Can you blame them? Do you really want a loved one to be stressed all day trying to take photographs instead of actually enjoying your special day? Do you want them to have to watch the whole day through a camera lens? Save yourself and your guests some stress and get a dedicated photographer. Make sure you and all your guests enjoy your wedding as you intended. Set your mind at ease and get a top Mississauga wedding photographer with Six City Photography for your awesome wedding and have one less thing to worry about.

Preserve memories

One of the most obvious reasons that prompts people to hire a great wedding photographer for their weddings is to get important artistic representations of key moments of their day. With photographs taken of all the important parts, you will be able to relive your wedding again and again for years to come. This is especially important when you have put so much time, money, and effort into this occasion. When you hire a wedding photographer you will be able to display your happy memories and share them with others. Think of how much joy you will have looking at professional photographs of your day! This could be photos on your mantelpiece, on your wall, or at your desk. Having a physical reminder of that wonderful day is priceless. With excellent photographs, you can share your wedding day excitement with everyone, even people who could not come to the wedding. Printed copies let you share you love with everyone and show them how much you two mean to each other.

Missed moments

Having a guest photograph your wedding day might save you a few thousand dollars but it will mean you won’t have memories of all the day’s excitement and will inevitably miss some of the action. This is a once in a lifetime event – can you afford to miss out on a single moment? A trained wedding photographer (in Mississauga) will know exactly how a wedding runs from start to finish and will know what the bride and groom will want to remember. A good photographer will have covered many weddings and be able to understand when things need to be documented. Having a guest take photographs might be fun but they will not know how to photograph the behind the scenes moments, or know how to direct people into flattering poses, or know who to photograph and when. When you hire a top Mississauga wedding photographer you can rest assured everything will be covered in high quality – don’t risk your uncle with a new camera missing you cutting the cake or getting a bad angle! When you put so much effort into an event like your wedding, you need to know everything is being captured; and for that, you need a top Mississauga wedding photographer.

Avoid bad memories

Having a great Mississauga wedding photographer cover and edit the event will help you remember your special day how you want to remember it and avoid anything unpleasant. A good wedding photographer (in Mississauga) will be able to capture everything in the day from the most flattering perspective and show things in a positive way. This means not photographing awkward moments of fighting relatives you want to forget or when there is a mix up with the food. You will also avoid the amateur photographs taken by friends and family that do not do the venue or ceremony justice. These poor representations of your day can be upsetting and can make you feel your day was not as awesome as you recall. This is a horrible way to remember your wedding. Hire a top wedding photographer (in Mississauga) to avoid all of these and only enjoy the parts of your wedding you want to recall. Your special day should be remembered how you want it to be remembered. Keep only the best memories by hiring a great Mississauga wedding photographer from Six City Photography – for your special day.


There is nothing more heartbreaking than reviewing the photographs of your wedding only to see the files are corrupted or your ‘photographer’ has run out of memory. Can you imagine having your wedding ruined by losing all the footage of your day because you trusted an amateur photographer? You cannot afford to run this risk. When you hire one of our wedding photographers, you have a guarantee that your event will be covered in all its glory. Our photographers are trained specially to cover weddings and have all the equipment they need. There is no chance of losing your precious memories when you work with us. Why ruin your wedding by worrying if it is being photographed well, or even at all? If you want guaranteed, professional coverage of your wedding, call us now. Don’t risk your special day – get the best.


Perhaps the best reason to hire a wedding photographer is that they are trained specifically to photograph weddings – and there are few to no Mississauga wedding photographers better than our photographers. Nowadays anyone with a mobile phone can take a photograph and many people now have good cameras. But this does not mean they are the right people to photograph your wedding. Do you really want amateurs documenting your special day?

A great Mississauga wedding photographer will know when to take the best photographs, and this can be even more important than knowing what to photograph. There are intricate things like what to do to get the best lighting and angles for pictures of the bride to the best time to photograph the flowers or table decorations that aren’t natural or teachable. These are things that you need experience doing to know, and our photographers at Six City Photography know exactly how to do these things because they have had these awesome experiences covering weddings in the past. Doing wedding photography efficiently, beautifully, and stress-free is essential and something amateur photographers just cannot manage.

At Six City Photography, we know weddings. All our photographers have experience photographing weddings and have all the necessary equipment to make amazing memories of your event eternal showpieces and emblems. Our photographers know what makes an effective or beautiful shot and can adapt to any venue and any weather. This takes training and years of experience to master. We are also experts at editing photographs. We can take your memories and make them even more special by transforming them into tasteful photos you will treasure forever.

Another often unappreciated benefit from hiring a wedding photographer is their effectiveness in helping your wedding run smoothly. As our photographers have attended so many weddings in the past, they know when things need to happen or when people might be getting a bit tense. Thus, our photographers are able to organize photographs without irritating people and know how to navigate any family disputes discretely to avoid any unwanted arguments. Want to get photographs with family members who don’t get on? Our photographers can choreograph photos that keep everyone happy and take the stress away from you.

Don’t take risks when it comes to your wedding. Get in touch with us for all your wedding photography needs in or around Mississauga. We are dedicated to giving you the wedding memories (in physical form) you deserve.

So, how do you go about hiring a wedding photographer? The best choice is to contact us, Six City Photography, to see how we can help meet all your wedding photography needs. But when should you look to hire photographer for your wedding, and how do you know they are right for you? Here are few tips on hiring wedding photographers.

Search online or ask friends who have recently wed. Whilst you can get lucky and hire someone without any experience and save a few thousand dollars off the bat, this is really not worth it. Do not risk your special day being ruined by an amateur. Once you find a few potential photographers from an online search or referral asks, you need to check their work out to see if it up to scratch.

Perhaps before you even look at their work, make sure you read any reviews they have of their recent work projects. Old reviews are no use to you here. Reviews are one of the best ways to know if a photographer is good. After all, if people are unhappy with their work, they will definitely want to warn other people! Be sure to check the reviews of all the photographers you consider to be a good match, to save yourself some time interviewing and potentially some heartbreak after your wedding.

You will want to check their galleries to see if you like their work. Specifically, check their work on weddings! There are many people who are good photographers but are not the right people to trust with your wedding. Weddings require a special level of care that you cannot develop without a passion for weddings and the experience of photographing them. A nature photographer, for example, might be extremely skilled – but will not be able to do your wedding justice. Make sure to select an experienced photographer that knows weddings.

When looking at their wedding galleries, check to see if you like their style. A good review and a tasteful gallery means absolutely nothing if you do not want their style of work for your wedding coverage. This is an intensely personal experience, and you need to be happy with how your wedding is going to be covered.

When you have identified potential photographers in Mississauga, you need to get in touch with them as soon as possible. If they are good, they are likely to be in high demand and need as much notice as you can give – to book them in. Do not leave wedding photography service provider to the last minute! The worst feeling is finding your perfect photographer only to find they are booked for six months straight right through your wedding. If you like the photographer, contact them right away! Then you can start the important consulting step to see if they are in fact right for you.

The consulting step is key. Here, you will find out their pricing and packages plans to see what best suits your wedding, and you will be able to see if you want this person to cover your wedding. Keep in mind that the photographer will physically be at your wedding, so you want to make sure you can at least get along with them. Being a good artist does not mean you will want them at your wedding! At Six City Photography we pride ourselves on having professional and courteous photographers who will fit in at any event. You will also discuss how you want your wedding to be photographed and see what is possible for them to do for you. This lets you set expectations and not be disappointed when you flick through the delivered photos when you are back from your honeymoon.

I’m sure you understand how important finding the right wedding photographer for you is and how vital it is for your wedding. We at Six City Photography understand how much your wedding means to you and your loved ones, and we are dedicated to giving you the best photography experience we can for you to enjoy for years to come. Our specially sourced photographers can cover any wedding style, venue, weather, or guest and give you best possible physical memories of your special day. We know that your wedding is something you will treasure for the rest of your life and we want to help you do this. Get in touch with us to find out more about our special wedding packages and options and let us help make your special day even more special. Contact Six City Photography now and trust your wedding photography to the professionals.