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Be sure your photographs are just as big and beautiful as the day itself.

As a woman, there are several special days in your life that deserve to be photographed. The day you were born is one of them, plus the day you lose your first tooth. Your senior prom, the day you graduate from high school, and the day you graduate from college or University are most definitely photo-worthy. Getting a few good pics when you receive any type of award is a great idea too, and some pics from the first day at your first job will be a lovely reminder in the years to come.

There’s one event in every woman’s life, however, that trumps all of those and more than any other deserves to be photographed by a true professional; your wedding day. Many people would say that this is the most important day of your life and, because of that, getting gorgeous, intimate, and well-shot photographs is a must. 

If you’ve just started planning for your big day (or have been at it for a few days or weeks) finding the best wedding photographer in Nagara should be at the top of your to-do list. It’s simply too big of a day to settle for anything less than the best, and that’s why we’ve put together this guide. In it, we’ll be giving you all of our top tips, techniques, and advice on how to find and hire a true photographic artist for both your engagement and wedding photos. So grab a beverage, start taking mental notes, and enjoy How To Find the Best Wedding and Engagement Photographer in Niagara.

Many people, maybe you too, are under the impression that all a wedding photographer does is hold up their camera, point it in the right direction, press the shutter button and voila, you’ve got your wedding photos. In reality, that couldn’t be further from the truth. A skilled and experienced Niagara wedding photographer brings so much more to the table and, indeed, needs to have years of experience to deliver top quality results. They also need to be an actual artist, someone with a keen eye for lighting, set up, backgrounds, and settings. Here are a few of the other traits that a top Niagara wedding photographer should possess:

Energy and Stamina

One of the most important things to keep in mind on your wedding day is that, while you and your new spouse are enjoying yourselves, your family, and all the festivities, your wedding photographer will be (very) hard at work. The typical day for a Niagara wedding photographer starts early and goes late, lasting between 10 and 12 hours – if not longer. Keep in mind their day also includes traveling to your home, the church, the wedding venue, and any other special locations that you might have chosen ahead of time to take photographs. They’ll be lugging around quite a bit of equipment also, including cameras, lights, tripods and more. The best Niagara wedding photographers have a ton of energy and stamina because, frankly, they need it


Let’s be honest, anyone can pick up a camera, click the shutter button, and take some pictures. A top Niagara wedding photographer, however, needs to be quite creative and have an artistic flair that many people simply don’t have. The best are constantly searching for new, fresh ideas and will present them to you either before or during all of the festivities, especially if they think it makes for a wonderful, memorable photo. What separates good wedding photographers from the best wedding photographers in Niagara is the fact that they’re always looking for inspiration, even when they’re not shooting photos. 

Assertiveness (Being able to take control of the situation)

Weddings are a wonderful time when friends and family come together to celebrate. The challenge for a Niagara wedding photographer is about how to make sure that the celebration doesn’t interfere too much with taking photographs, and vice versa. Under a lot of circumstances during your wedding day, they’ll need to take control, give orders (gently), and make sure that everyone and everything is perfect to get the perfect shot. If they aren’t assertive enough, in a professional way, of course, guests will wander off and get bored and the entire process will take so long that you might not have any time to enjoy yourself.

Being Calm Under Pressure

Weddings have a lot of moving parts, to be sure, and your Niagara wedding photographer needs to be able to make sure all those parts are moving together. This can get quite stressful, especially if your friends and family members are, shall we say, rambunctious. This is especially true at your wedding reception, where people will be enjoying themselves with alcoholic beverages, children will be running around and things might be a bit chaotic. A top Niagara wedding photographer will have seen practically everything before and will know what to do to stay calm, cool, and collected and, most importantly, take excellent photographs that you’ll be proud to show off later.

Time Management

If there’s one thing about your wedding day that will surprise you it’s this; it goes by incredibly fast! So many things will be happening, with guests arriving, flowers being delivered, food being served and family enjoying themselves that, before you know it, everyone will be gone, and your big day will be over. The best Niagara wedding photographers know this and are experts at time management. They need to be so that everything you’ve been dreaming about not only gets done but also gets photographed in the most beautiful way possible before your special day comes to an end.


One of the most important traits that a top wedding photographer possesses is patience. It’s incredibly rare for a wedding to run on time and, in most cases, they’re usually 30 minutes to an hour behind schedule. Sometimes it has nothing to do with you or your spouse-to-be either, but just circumstances that change or crop up out of nowhere. It’s during these times that your wedding photographer will simply need to be patient and understanding while they wait for everything to work itself out.

As an art, there are many different types of photographers. Ansel Adams, for example, Is world-renowned for his sweeping and majestic nature photography. Any Liebowitz? She’s well known for her portraiture, especially of top movie and television stars. These artists specialize in one photographic genre in an industry where are there are many. What’s interesting is that, more than Ansel Adams or Annie Liebowitz, a top Niagara wedding photographer must possess the photography skills to shoot 7 different genres. To truly be called the best they must master all seven, including: 


A growing trend among married couples is boudoir photography. This is where the wedding photographer takes intimate, sensual, and sexy photographs of either the bride alone or the bride and groom together. It takes a special touch and a lot of discretion to be a great boudoir photographer, no doubt, but the results are oftentimes photographs that you and your love will enjoy together immensely.


Taking portraits is not nearly as easy as it might seem, especially portraits of a newly married couple in the throes of joy and happiness. A top Niagara wedding photographer will deliver portraits from your wedding day that can capture more raw, powerful emotion than you can imagine.


All of your friends and family will be getting together on your wedding day. Taking photographs of the entire event, both at the church and your reception venue, takes a lot of skill (and specialty camera lenses too). These photographs will give you a sense of how “big” your day was afterward, something that you might have missed in all the hustle and bustle of the day.


A lot of small details are involved in making your wedding day beautiful and memorable, including flowers, your wedding bands, the table centerpieces, and all the decorations. Close-up photographs of all these details can add a lot to your wedding album and give you more to reminisce about in years to come.


If you’ve ever watched a documentary you know that they show a story of how something happened and the people that were involved. Your wedding is very similar and a top Niagara wedding photographer will capture all of the things that happened in a similar style that, when you look back in the years to come, will tell your story in vivid detail.


Another big trend these days is to take engagement photos long before your big day happens. Not only can this be an excellent “practice run” with your wedding photographer – but it also gives you a chance to have pictures taken that better reflect your personalities, lifestyle, and interests. More than your wedding day itself, this is a great time to take pictures in special locations and with eclectic, interesting backdrops and props that bring out your fun, silly or intellectual side.


Most of the people who come to celebrate your wedding day will want to be in your photographs and, depending on how many there are, group shots will be a must. It’s surprisingly difficult to take shots of large groups of people (and make everyone look good). The best wedding photographers in Niagara can handle it with ease, though, and deliver group shots that everyone will want for themselves.

The easiest way to answer this question is simply to say; they do a little bit of everything. They shoot all of your photographs throughout the entire day, of course, but they also coordinate, plan, drive, search, inform, adjust and shout out instructions (and that’s not all). We’ve talked about the skills and traits that the best wedding photographers in Niagara possess and, on your wedding day, they’re going to need all of them all more!

A great way to think about what your wedding photographer needs to do on your wedding day is to consider them a sort of team leader put in charge to take care of a big mission. The team, in this case, is you, your spouse, and all of your friends and family that will be attending your big day. The mission? Making sure that everything goes smoothly and that all of the different mini-events during your special day are photographed beautifully for posterity. In short, to make the entire day run as smoothly as possible.

That starts at the crack of dawn when they arrive at your home or wedding venue to photograph your preparations, including getting your make-up done and putting on your wedding dress. If it’s important to you, they’ll also take pictures of your spouse-to-be doing the same thing, as well as all of the friends and family that are there helping, supporting, and (probably) giggling and laughing nervously with you.

Next, it’s off to the church or the location where your wedding ceremony will take place. That involves a lot of different things including photographing you as you arrive, any decorated or special vehicles that you’re arriving in, and several shots of the church itself on this (hopefully) beautiful, sunny day. 

Inside the church is next as you walk down the aisle with the lucky friend or family member who’s giving you away. If you have a flower girl or a ring boy throwing flower petals and looking adorable, your wedding photographer will be at the ready to take photographs of them as well. Of course, they’ll also take some shots during your vows and of your all-important first kiss. 

As you exit the church as an officially married couple, the best Niagara wedding photographers will be outside waiting to capture your exit and also take some shots as you drive away for the first time. Then it’s off to your wedding venue.

It’s here where things truly get exciting as all of your guests start having fun, eating food, dancing, and drinking their fair share of adult beverages. Lots of small and special events will happen throughout your reception and your wedding photographer will need to be at the ready to capture them all. In most cases, they’ll be the person coordinating everything and making sure that everyone is in place and looking fabulous.

When everything’s over, you’ve left for your honeymoon and all of your guests have gone home, the last and maybe most important task your wedding photographer has is to edit, enhance and adjust all of your photos, picking out the best as they go.

Now that you know the skills and traits that a top Niagara wedding photographer needs and all the things they do on your big day, here’s a list of the tips you should follow to find and hire the best.

Start Looking Early

Here’s a fact; the top wedding photographers in Niagara will be booked solid for months in advance. Knowing this, don’t put off booking yours until the last minute or you might have to settle for second-best.

Check The Major Review Sites

The new ” word of mouth” is online and sites like Wedding Wire, The Knot, Google my Business, and Facebook are where you can find out a lot about wedding photographers in Niagara, including the most important thing; what others have said about their services and skills.

Follow Some on Social Media

Facebook especially is an excellent social media site where you can follow wedding photographers in Niagara, see the kind of things that they’re posting, and read reviews and comments from their past clients. It’s a treasure trove of great information that you should certainly be using.

Meet With Several in Person

Once you’ve chosen four or five photographers that you like, you should ask to meet with them in person so that you can get to know them, see if you “match” well, and make sure that your vision for your special day and their personality and creativity match.

Ask to See Their Portfolio

The best way to tell if you’ll like the results you get from your wedding photographer is to see what they’ve done for clients before you. Don’t be shy when asking because the top Niagara wedding photographers will be more than willing to show you their best work.

A Note About Engagement Photos

One of the bigger trends of the last few years is to take engagement photos before the wedding day itself. Yes, it’s a small extra cost but, in our opinion, it’s one of the best ways to get to know your wedding photographer and, more importantly, get comfortable with them. The benefit? When you’ve got a million butterflies on your big day and you feel like you’re freaking out, you’ll be able to trust that your photographer will capture everything and not forget a thing.

We hope that this guide gave you the answers and insight you were searching for. Who are we? We’re Six City Photography, the top wedding photography studio that services couples wedding in Niagara. Every photographer that works with us is experienced and professional, with a creative flair for taking wedding photos that you and your family will treasure for years to come. Please feel free to check out all of our reviews online and you’ll see that our clients are extremely satisfied and happy.

If your special day is on the way and you have questions that still need to be answered, please leave your name and contact information and one of our friendly service/relations people will get back to you ASAP. Oh, and by the way, congratulations on your upcoming nuptials!