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Wedding Videography In Toronto

In essence, we do high quality wedding cinematography in Toronto. We take love stories and use different styles, tools, equipment pieces and techniques to create dynamic motion-picture productions that tell these awesome love stories.

Have a quick look at the films and videos featured above to see what our Toronto wedding videographers can do. Our cinematography team is elite and the work they produce is nothing short of magical and fairytale-like.

Once you have survived the wedding chaos, sorted out the gifts, and sent out the thank you notes, you’ll finally have a moment to breathe. You did it! You just married your best friend, the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.

And your day was so beautiful and perfect. So, you play your wedding video and re-live the beginning of your happily ever after.

Once your beautiful little boy or girl points at your wedding pictures and says, “Mommy is pretty”, you’ll want to share that day with them. So, you play your wedding video and show them how much your partner and you were happy to start your family.

Once, many many many decades later, when you are gone, your great-grandchildren will be telling stories of true love. So, they’ll play your wedding video and say that they wish the same love and happiness for themselves and their loved ones.

We are not talking about yet another thing your planner is adding to your must-have list. We are talking about the easiest way to relive one of the happiest days of your life.

Once Upon A Time…

In November of 1947, over 200 million people listened to the radio broadcast of the wedding of Princess Elizabeth and Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. It was the first wedding to grab the attention of people and media since the iconic romance between her great-grandmother, Queen Victoria, and Prince Albert.

Nine years later, the audiences gathered to see a silver screen goddess become a real-life princess. When Grace Kelly appeared in her Oscar-worthy Helen Rose gown and married Prince Rainier III of Monaco, over 30 million people tuned in via TV broadcast.

For decades, excellent quality wedding videography was reserved only for celebrities and royalty. Still, many couples that had access to mass-produced Sony’s Portapak and similar camcorders, used them to immortalize their special day.

Those videos might be sometimes shaky and often clumsily shot, but they are a monument to the lasting love of our parents and grandparents.

By the time the neontastic 1980s rolled around, we saw the birth of WEVA – Wedding and Event Videographers Association International. Couples developed a taste for professional work, instead of dropping a camera into any free available set of arms.

And technology has been improving since then. From very static material delivered in a good old VHS cassette to sweeping panoramas and twinkling evening shots – ready for viewing at home and sharing online.

Said improvement in technology, together with the advancement of videographer’s skills, produced a change in style. A wedding video is not anymore a recording of a date on a calendar. This mass of pixels and bytes is an impression and celebration of your love and devotion to each other.

Granny, What A Big Lens You Have…

Wedding videography in Toronto requires artistic talent, technical knowledge, and a very high EQ. It will never be just about pointing the camera in the right direction and letting it roll.

A true professional Toronto wedding videographer will know how to read you and your guests. They will squeeze every single last drop of love and happiness from your walk down the aisle, the first dance, cutting of the cake, etc. Then, they will collect it and wrap it into a pretty bow, so you can easily teleport yourself back to that day whenever you want.

Someone who truly knows what they are doing will also know how to “erase” not so perfect events from the ceremony or the reception. That uncle who had a bit too much to drink after dinner? Hmmm, he’s nowhere to be seen – must have left and gone home early. That best man speech that became a bit too cringy? Oh my, how nice of him to decide to recite some John Keats. That entitled guest that decided to wear white? How nice of Spongebob to leave his pineapple and join us all…

Even if you don’t remember your wedding as being flawless, your video will tell a different story. Just like Ancient Egyptians erasing history they didn’t approve of, a post-production process (engineered and led by your Toronto wedding videography team) will edit out all annoyances. It is up to you if you want it done subtly or as hilariously as possible.

Ideally, the crew should not disturb the event at all. They will not become completely invisible – that technology is still in its planning stages. Still, they know how to set up their equipment so they can catch everything without being in your way.

However, you will have to have a chat with your guests. Your aunty might think she is the next Rob Reiner and that she is filming “Princess Bride 2”, but make her put her smartphone away and get out of the shot.

Maybe announce that anyone who wishes to intrude upon the work of both the photographer and the videographer must pay for them first? The flower girl has a pass. She can twirl in her pretty skirt as much as she wants – that’s some Oscar-friendly material there.

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall, Who’s The Best Toronto Wedding Videographer Of Them All…

Your partner might not be perfect, but they are perfect for you. You like them for their virtues, you love them for their flaws.

Your videographer, on the other hand, needs to be perfect, full stop.

If the extent of your wedding videographers’ video recording experience boils down to pressing a button on their smartphone, they are not the one. Don’t worry – here is a list of things to keep in mind when doing your interviews – for prospective Toronto wedding videographers.

The Search.

Start with the people closest to you. Did someone get married recently? Did you like their wedding video? Was their experience with the videographers as great as it could be? Unless you’ve had a habit of putting Nair in your cousin’s shampoo when you were little, she will be more than happy to recommend you someone awesome.

Check your local forums and message boards. It’s better to stick with a local enterprise in most cases. Not only will it be easier to have consultations and interviews, but you will also be able to reach out to some of their old customers. There is a whole market for buying and selling online reviews, and they can’t compare to a live human you can run into when out and about.

And finally, talk to other wedding industry professionals. They tend to recommend each other once they form personal and professional relationships. So, when your baker or florist recommends a videographer to you, take them to be a relatively good wedding videographer in Toronto – because if the videographer is not good, they (your baker or florist) are effectively putting their reputation on the line. And hopefully, that would be more than enough to watch whose name they share with you.

The Inquiry.

There is a simple order that you should follow to make sure you are not wasting your time with a Toronto wedding videographer that is not for you.

First, call them and check their availability. If your schedules don’t match, there is no point in you going any further.

Next, pay attention here – are they eager to close the deal or to find out what you need? A good videographer in Toronto will be able to do everything you ask them to. A great one would outright tell you they can’t. They understand how important this day is to you and how special these memories will be in the future – they will not even dare to treat them without all the respect and care they deserve.

Once you find a perfect fit, you’ll have to sign a contract. Almost everyone will have at least a single page one – the lack of paperwork (if there is one) should be a massive red flag. Make sure that everything you have agreed on is there in black and white.

And finally, stay in touch. You don’t have to call them to whisper sweet nothings every night, but make sure to inform them of any developments that are relevant to the work they will have to do.

The Portfolio.

Follow the contemporary comedy movie example – the funniest jokes are in the trailer. What they share on their website and social media can only be the tip of the iceberg. What you’ll find once you scratch the surface is what should sway your decision to hire them or not.

Some couples will not agree and give legal consent to their entire wedding being published online. Also, most Toronto videographers will not put their longer pieces of cinematography work on their social media platforms. But you will probably be able to see some of that work when you go for an interview. So, if someone’s style is already eyecatching on your Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok feed, who knows what breathtaking gems they might surprise you with.

And that is what you are looking for – if you need a tissue or to remember to breathe while watching strangers celebrating their union, imagine what they can do for your special day.

The Price.

A wedding video (done by a top Toronto wedding videographer) can add thousands of dollars to your final bill, so it’s very important to have an honest conversation about the cost.

When in doubt, sticking to the middle of the range is the best bet. It usually means that people in question have a significant amount of experience in the field, at least in comparison to those who will try and quote you the smallest number possible.

On the other hand, going to the higher end of the spectrum might not automatically mean better quality wedding videography (in Toronto). Whoever they might be, make sure they prove their worth with their pudding.

Another thing you need to pay attention to is transparency. Not only do you need to know how much this pleasure will cost you, but you need to know about all the extra potential charges. For example, what happens to your bill if you need them (the wedding cinematography team) to stick around for an extra half an hour, or if you need a rush on the editing – that kind of thing.

It’s not just about the number, it’s about not ruining your bliss with nasty surprises.

The Crew.

Depending on the size of your wedding, you might need to get more than one person to cover it.

If you are planning for a small and intimate ceremony and reception, one person should be able to cover it. But if you are struggling to figure out who all the cool and interesting people your mother added to the guest list are – that single cameraman or woman will need backup.

A top Toronto videographer can set up and operate multiple cameras to capture as much attractive footage for the final product as he/she will need. But on the other side of the coin, two people will produce a video that is way more dynamic and enthralling.

You will need more than that if your guest list extends into four digits, or your special day is more of a special week.

And talk to them. Make sure you can communicate with each other and that you can explain your vision to them. Have them learn a thing or two about you. Let them learn that you are a Daddy’s girl, so they will record as many close-ups of him during the ceremony as they can tastefully record.

Let them know that you plan on wearing your Grandma’s veil, but she has no idea you will. Or that you and your fiancée pass notes to each other all the time.

All these little details captured on film will make the video of your special day even special-er.

Today’s Special Moments Are Tomorrow’s Memories…

Contemporary wedding videography in Toronto comes in different styles for you to choose from. If you don’t have your heart set on one of them, ask your chosen Toronto videographer to show you their work. You will know – just as you knew when you had your dress on for the first time.

Cinematic Style.

Lights. Camera. Action. For the couple that had a blockbuster worthy romance. And you and your fiancé will be the true stars of the film. 

It’s all about the emotional impact of your love story. On a rainy evening where life seems unbearable, you don’t want to have just any movie accompany your cup of hot cocoa and your snuggle partner. Rewatching your wedding day will rival any Oscar-winning epic. 

Saturated colors, dramatic music, and creative camera angles. Smooth transition effects and even slow motion – during the cake smash, of course. Also, you can get as quirky and creative as you wish.

How about planting easter eggs and adding a post-credits scene as well?

Concept Videos.

The most elaborate and the most artistic of wedding video styles. 

It will take a lot of preparation and quite a bit of involvement on your part, so it is not a great choice for those who don’t like to be hands-on. These videos can also take quite a bit longer in post-production, so it’s not so great for impatient newlyweds.

However, the results can be truly astonishing and beautiful. Choose a concept that highlights your relationship and your hopes for the future, and let the videographers do their magic. 

Just a little creativity and effort will produce something so amazing that even your teenage children will find cool and share with their friends. 

Drone Videos.

Drone technology was one of the best things to happen to Toronto wedding videography in years. Sweeping area shots that were once reserved for high-cost productions only are now available to everyone. 

This is a must in gorgeous locations – a park, beach, farm, the Valley of The Kings, The ROM… Have a drone record you entering the church or leaving for your honeymoon. 

Get the most from the location you chose for your wedding and reception and show them off in their full glory.

Just make sure your (Toronto) videographer knows how to pilot one – you don’t want it flying into your face during your vows. Ask them, they will be happy to show off their skills. 

Instagram And TikTok Videos.

In the age of social media, who can endure a lack of social and digital celebrating and not share their happiness with other people.

These videos are short, about 15 to 60 seconds, fitting into the guidelines of these platforms. They are a great accompaniment to a bigger feature that might take weeks or even months to edit and complete. Use these bits to tease your friends and family while you’re all waiting. 

Choose this style for the highlights of the evening – the kiss, the first dance, the most embarrassing part of the speeches, etc. Even if something happens to the full length stitching of your video, the internet never forgets. You will always be able to dig up these guys somewhere. 

Short Form Wedding.

While the cinematic style is perfect for a movie lover, the short form wedding video is best for those who always wanted to be in an epic music video. 

You’ve seen these styles of videos before – various clips edited together, not always following the same chronological order. They are connected with music, speeches, and other sound bytes that help tell the story. Originally only saved for ads, music videos, and inspirational speeches, this format was designed to be more compelling and get a bigger emotional reaction. 

In Toronto wedding videography, these films last only 10 to 45 minutes max, so you can always choose them as a side dish to a more traditional feature. 

It will, however, require full confidence in your (Toronto) videographer and their creative instincts. 

Video Journalistic, aka Documentary Style.

A true documentary of your big day. 

A camera follows you through preparations, the ceremony, and reception. It can even extend to the events after the wedding. 

The segments are added in chronological order, telling a complete story of your wedding day. It’s the closest version to the wedding videos of the decades past. 

Choose this for your main video – especially if you don’t want to lose even one moment of your special day. You can always add a little more whimsical content to the public celebration of your love with the social media videos or with the short form wedding style. 

If There Was Only One Note, How Boring Life Would Be…

Did you know that Toronto wedding videography goes beyond filming your “I do”? There are all these other things you can add to your chest of memories.

Bridal Elegance.

If you feel like Carrie Bradshaw at heart, you will need to have your own fashion shoot. This type of video concentrates on capturing your wedding dress in all its glory. 

These videos can be shot before, during, or after the wedding. But how about going for all three? You can capture the getting ready process, then the twinkle of crystal embellishments in the venue lights, and finish it all off with a few sultry shots of the unlaced corset back. 

Concept Video.

Somewhat similar to the previously mentioned style, this is a short video that is designed to tell the story of the bride and groom. The fun part? None of it has to be true or realistic. 

You and your partner could have met each other while saving the Universe, or as undercover agents from opposing sides, or in an ice-cream van collision. Your romance blossomed over radioactive experiments or while time-traveling through human history. 

The point is that it should tell the story of who you are as a couple while being fun and entertaining.

Engagement And Proposal Videos.

Assuming that you are already engaged, you are a bit late for this one. 

However, this type of video is great for those who plan elaborate engagement setups. It would be a shame to go through all that work, and not have it immortalized on film.

As you might predict, they are usually made without the other party’s knowledge. It can only include the proposal and genuine reactions to it, or it can include the rest of the evening as well. Well, only if you can explain why there is a person with a camera following you around. 


A short video, not more than 10 to 12 minutes long, that includes all the most important parts of your wedding day. 

They can, but they don’t have to follow a chronological order. 

These types of videos are very popular because they are very easy to share online. Their length is suitable for Facebook posts and Youtube uploads.

While your loved ones will be more than happy to watch a full-length movie of your wedding day, co-workers and other casual acquaintances will be happier with the highlights. 


Instead of cutting down trees to make a thousand wedding invitations, you can always create a video. Or create a DVD segment of the invite and add it to the printed ones. 

Seeing your face makes your guests feel special and like you really want them to be there with you. You and your partner can be on camera, or your parents, or even the best man and the maid of honor. 

And there are no restrictions on style – make it fun, elegant, or downright ridiculous. Film noir, anyone?

Love Story.

While the concept video can be unrealistic, these are meant to tell your real love story.

They are usually done in the interview style, but how you choose to embellish it is completely up to you. Add photographs and video clips you have taken since you’ve gotten together. Or consider adding animation (and animated scenes) for some parts of the tale. 

Film it sitting down together, or go for the “he said, she said” style. You can also invite other people who have seen your relationship grow to add their two cents. 

Trash The Dress.

It was a huge fad from 2005 to 2008, but it’s still done sometimes today. 

It can be filmed as soon as the day after the wedding, and you can have your revenge for every time you almost tripped over the hem or you lost your breath because of the corset. 

Splash it with paint, wear it to roll around in the mud, go for a swim… Whatever you want to do, the only rule is to have as much fun as possible.

Same Day Edit.

This is the footage you get on the very day of your wedding. It’s rarely more than a couple of minutes long and is a great way to announce that you just got married. 

It often includes highlights from the day: getting ready, the ceremony, toasts, and speeches. It might often skip the party because that’s the time your videographer will be putting it all together. 

In your wedding videography menu, you will sometimes find it sometimes abbreviated as SDE, or listed as the wedding day edit.

Next Day Edit.

It’s also a short video like SDE, but the edit is done overnight. Because of this, it will often include more events and clips from the big day than a SDE. 

These types of videos are very common in South Asia and other countries where weddings last for several days. In the last year, multi-day weddings have gained popularity in the West (Toronto and rest of Canada included) as well. 

If the program is as follows: the first day – the welcome party, the second day – the wedding and reception, and the third day – farewell brunch, the video can be played on the last day before the bride and groom enter the room. 

Next day edit is sometimes abbreviated as NDE in your wedding videography menu.